Privacy Policy

Last modified: October 2, 2023

The Integrated Farm Budget Tool team is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Notice applies to the website and describes how we collect and use your personal information when you use our web application to manage risk for your farm. It also describes how to delete your stored data if you so desire.

The purpose of this application is to aid a user, typically a grain farmer in the U.S., to construct a budget and manage risk. In order to accomplish this task, the following types of data are entered by a user and stored in the system:

  • An email address
  • A hashed (i.e. encrypted) password
  • Location information (U.S. state and primary county)
  • Farm operation information, such as crop acreage allocation
  • Cost and revenue information

None of the information we collect from a user will ever be shared, sold or otherwise transferred to any other party by us. It will remain stored in a highly secure database hosted by DigitalOcean, LLC. Our application and web host maintain high security standards, but because the account login interface is open to the public, it is critical for users to choose a strong password unique to this application if they wish to keep their data private.

The application supports multiple 'farm years' to allow users to access past as well as present crop years, and so that users with widely separated farmland units can manage multiple farms for a given crop year. Past and present farm years remain in the system by default, but can be deleted at any time by the user. If a user has no farm years, a 'Delete Account' link will appear in the top navigation bar. If the user then clicks this link and confirms the deletion, their email address and hashed password will be deleted from the database, and no information will remain in the system.

If our privacy policy ever changes, users will be notified of the changes via email.